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  • When will we be contacted with information after registration?
    Once registration closes, registered participants will be contacted via email with information on fittings, practices, locations, and games. Coaches will be assigned, and evaluations held if necessary. If there are not enough participants, registration may be extended. Updates will be posted on our website, facebook, and through email to registered participants.
  • Can I still sign my child up if I missed the registration deadline?
    If the registration date has been extended, it will be posted on Facebook and the website homepage. If no extension has been listed, please reach out to to find out if there are any spots still open. Once registration deadline has passed, children may only register if there are still open spots.
  • Can my children be on the same team?
    If they are in the same age group every attempt will be made to accommodate the request.
  • Can my child be placed on the same team as a friend?
    Children will be placed on teams based on position needs, skill level, and league level.
  • How are teams selected?
    Teams are selected based on position needs, skills level, and league level.
  • When are the games?
    Games are based on individual sport league schedules. Football games are typically held on Saturday. Basketball games are typically held on Saturday and Sunday with an occasional weekday game. Baseball games are typically held on Saturday and Sunday.
  • When and where are the practices?
    Practices are typically held during the weekdays, with games on the weekends. Practice schedules and locations will be provided shortly before each season begins. Practices are typically held at locations in or near Canal Winchester.
  • How are notifications sent for cancelled practices or games?
    Cancelation notifications are posted on Facebook, the website and via email.
  • What is the policy on refunds?
    Each sport will have a posted deadline of when refunds will no longer be available. Refunds will be issued until the posted deadline.
  • What is the process to provide feedback?
    The coach of your child's team should be your first contact to voice concerns. The second contact should be the commisioner for the sport in which your child plays. The third contact is the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees can be reached at
  • How can I apply to be a coach and what are the requirements?
    If you are interested in coaching, please fill out the application located on the "Coach" page of the website. Once an application has been completed, COYAA will reach out to you for an interview as well as to complete forms to submit a background check. COYAA requires a national background check through a third-party vendor in which we have contracted. The vendor flags any felonies, cromes against children, and misdemeanors. Decisions are made on a case-by-case basis pending the outcome of the background check. Once the interview and background check have been completed, select training materials will be provided to you for completion. The training materials are dependent upon which sport you will be coaching. Background checks and trainings are good for two years. If an individual coaches for more than two years, background checks and trainings will be required to be renewed. Based on state and federal requirements, additional trainings may be required at any time.
  • As a coach, will my children be assigned to my team?"
    Attempts will be made to pair the coach and child to the same team when desired. If requested, attempts will be made to place the coach and child on seperate teams.
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